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Landmark Credit Union—Banking Made Easy


Now and again dreams do come true and this was one of those occasions. Being asked by the wonderful team at Sarofsky to be a part of this incredible project for Landmark Credit Union was something I have always wanted to do.

Working with the most inspiring and joyous team of creatives, this truly was a delight from start to finish and the results speak for themselves.

The idea is simple and elegant, using a blend of live action and CG to help tell the stories of how Landmark Credit Union helps customers to accomplish their goals. Being on board with projects like this and with studios like Sarofsky, it opens your eyes to not only what is possible but what exactly it takes to make these big ideas come to fruition. Great minds, amazing direction, meticulous planning and organisation and a team of some of the best creatives I had the pleasure of working alongside - Thank you for having me be a small animating and compositing part of this adventure! 

  • Client

    Landmark Credit Union

  • Studio


  • Our Role

    Animation & Compositing

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